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Meet the artists

Kate Findlay

Picture of Kate Findlay

After a foundation course at Winchester, Kate studied carpet and textile design at Kidderminster. She then worked in the carpet industry for several years before re-training as a teacher of Art and Design at Brunel University. Kate is now Head of Art at a school in Reading, and is studying ceramics in her spare time.

Contact: kate57findlay@netscapeonline.co.uk

Andrew Findlay

Picture of Andrew Findlay

Andrew has no formal art qualifications, but his PhD in Cybernetics may be more relevant than it first appears! He has been taking photographs for 30 years or more, and recently started to exhibit them. A number of Andrew's photos feature prominently in the local history Taplow at the Millennium

Contact: andrew@findlay.org
Web: http://www.andrew.findlay.org/

Kate and Andrew recently held a very successful exhibition at the Henley Exhibition Centre, which also included 3D work by their mother Jill Findlay.

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