I have been interested in photography since the age of 7, and for many years did all my own developing and printing. When I switched to colour prints I had to give up this control over the process, but the arrival of digital manipulation has allowed me to return to some of the old tricks.

I mounted my first public exhibition in Henley-on-Thames in September 2000, and the images on this website are a small sample of what was on show. The second was at the Henley Management College from 7th Jan 2001 to 16th Feb 2001. I also exhibited at the Taplow Village Green event in summer 2001, and am taking part in the Taplow Artists show on 27th and 28th October 2001. The book Taplow at the Millennium features a number of my photos.

For faster viewing on the Web I have reduced all images to 128 colours and most are 300x400 pixels or smaller. This does introduce a few distortions, and if your web browser is limited to 256 colours or less it will probably create odd effects by the process of "dithering" to match colours. One of the rock images is available in a larger format without colour reduction for comparison.

Blocked Doorway
Stone Towers
Midnight Sun
Sentinel Series
Gold and Green

Andrew Findlay

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